My name is Rachael Alexandra. I am a freelance photographer based out of Victoria, B.C.

I am located in BC most of the year, however I often spend my summers traipsing around my stomping grounds in Tokyo, or exploring Ontario with relatives. I am open to photographing anywhere in the world! No place is too far.

Photography is the way I express myself. I love playing with shadows and light. I love capturing memories and special moments in my life. I love everything about taking photos and freezing moments in time.I am constantly mesmerized by the world and the people in it and I want my photography to be a reflection of that beauty.


My photography is built on three pillars: PASSION | CONNECTION | EMOTION. I want your photos to be representation of your story- your passions, your emotions, and unique expressions. I want my photos to show genuine connection- to the people you are with, to the earth, or to yourself.

I don't expect you to come to photoshoots with a perfect outfit, perfect makeup and perfect poses memorized- I expect you to come just as you are. I invite you to be vulnerable with me, ready to open up, share parts of your story, tell me about what you love- trust me- your inner beauty will shine more than any outfit will.

I can't wait to meet you,

Rachael Alexandra

6 facts

about rachael


Most days you can find a piece of fruit in my purse or camera bag. It’s usually an orange.


Like every millennial, I love soda water, coffee, and kombucha. I also love water and get really nervous when I don’t have a water bottle nearby.


I grew up in Higashi Kurume, a small-ish town in Tokyo Japan and my sisters and I visit my parent their every Christmas.


I am happiest when I'm surrounded by trees, the mountains, the ocean, and my friends.


I absolutely love camping but I'm such a homebody. I also have a strange obsession with tiny homes and I hope to live in one some day.


I leave messes wherever I go, but I like everything to be clean. My sister says that you can trace my steps in the house by the messes I leave in various areas.