Rachael Alexandra.co // Vancouver Island Photographer
Shoreditch Coffee Shop //Rachael Alexandra.co // Vancouver Island Photographer
London, UK // Rachael Alexandra.co // Vancouver Island Photographer


the look //

I aim for an artful and organic feel in each of my photos. I am personally inspired by the timelessness and richness of film photography, as well as asymmetrical and unique compositions. I strive to catch the light as it dances around you, and capture you and your partner or family just as you are, overflowing with love.

the creative//

My name is Rachael and I am a digital storyteller. I love creating art with the beauty already present in our world. Capturing the essence of a majestic landscape, the giggles of a young family, or the loving gaze of a newly wed couple.... I love noticing the details, the quirks, and the simple things that make each person and place so utterly magnificent. 


the story//

Photography is more than just a simple picture, it is a frozen moment in time, it is a part of a unique and beautiful story. I want to tell your story. I want to capture the moments in between the perfect shots, so you look back years later and feel everything once again, the love, the pain, the laughter, the strength...... .